Sunday, July 29, 2007

I realized something!

You have to post examples of my use of these applications:

So to start here is MySpace:

Some things that I have learned from doing this profile page:

(1) You really cannot do much of anything for about 7 days. I wanted to start a collaborative group with mathematics discussions. When trying to form a group they gave me a message saying that I cannot start much of anything since I started a new profile with my teaching account. (I do not want to give away my personal account).

(2) I thought in the planning process that when posting information about your purpose on this site, the myspace blog has no way of sticking a topic of what is important information. For example, I wanted to create a Terms of Service of this page (knowing the security issues of MySpace). That is why I am a bit fearful of posting my picture because of people who might recognize me. Plus, the definition of "a friend" here? That is the reason for starting a group rather than a personal page. I figure with a group, the label of a friend is not there. May want to explore this a bit further. Sadly it will be by the end of the course, but I am really interested through the article I read about MySpace in the post below. I think some playing still needs to be done.

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