Thursday, August 2, 2007

WIKI Posts acting up.

My two journal articles links are not working at all. So as a replacement, I have found these two websites that criticize the use of Wiki.

This site actually talks to the founder who actually discourages wikipedia use in an academic setting. I am very curious to know why whould he say that? What is interesting about the site is to read the comments below about different peoples opinions about wikipedia.

This site actually talks about some suggestions of using a Wiki in the education setting. May want to try some of these in the future!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Same Post Can be viewed at:

The Post Below

The post below was done using Google Docs and Spreadsheets.
This is a blog article that I am creating using Google Docs and Spreadsheets.
The great thing about google docs is that I can share just about anything.
I can use the tools to make this available anywhere online.
I can use the settings to show how this works.

Now I have found a way to publish this through Google.

Some great uses for this could be:

(1) Posting worksheets for students to use.
(2) Posting announcements.
(3) Using this as an editing device to make sure your blogs are spelling correctly (grammar also, but not truly correct).

Wiki Example I know that will count

Okay, my attempt at trying Wiki:

I was trying to update the Basketball Results of the Pan American Games, but failed with the alignment.

I may need to read up on how to edit!

Wiki Example of Use

I know this is probably not going to count but I have created a user profile using Wiki see below:

I think my next mission after I get a look at Google Docs and Spreadsheets will be to create!

I realized something!

You have to post examples of my use of these applications:

So to start here is MySpace:

Some things that I have learned from doing this profile page:

(1) You really cannot do much of anything for about 7 days. I wanted to start a collaborative group with mathematics discussions. When trying to form a group they gave me a message saying that I cannot start much of anything since I started a new profile with my teaching account. (I do not want to give away my personal account).

(2) I thought in the planning process that when posting information about your purpose on this site, the myspace blog has no way of sticking a topic of what is important information. For example, I wanted to create a Terms of Service of this page (knowing the security issues of MySpace). That is why I am a bit fearful of posting my picture because of people who might recognize me. Plus, the definition of "a friend" here? That is the reason for starting a group rather than a personal page. I figure with a group, the label of a friend is not there. May want to explore this a bit further. Sadly it will be by the end of the course, but I am really interested through the article I read about MySpace in the post below. I think some playing still needs to be done.